Published On: Sat, Feb 7th, 2015

Award-Winning Optometrist Has a Cure for Your Eyes – Never Wear Glasses Again [EXCLUSIVE]

New studies show that wearing eyeglasses will only make your eyes dependent on them, and therefore dependent on the $20 billion dollar eyeglasses industry (Forbes, 2014). In a Feb. 2015 peer reviewed study, highly esteemed optometrist and scientist, Dr. William Kemp, uncovers what he believes will outrage the billion dollar eyeglass market. He and his team of researches have released exactly why humans no longer need eyeglasses, contacts, or even Lasik®. Within just a few hours, at-home, and without a prescription, Dr. Kemp says anyone can achieve 20/20 vision.

He explains his findings incredibly well on his website, Quantum Vision, but worries that his website won’t be up for long, since he’s already received several threats from large eyeglass manufacturers to stop sharing his results. Clearly, it seems they are worried that people will no longer need to purchase eyeglasses, therefore plummeting stock prices and slowly killing the industry. Dr. Kemp says, for now, he will keep the website live and anyone in any country can get full access to the system, without a prescription.
There’s literally no catch, as we have verified.
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Our editorial staff decided to take Dr. Kemp up on his word and asked (3) team members, Kelly, Michael, and Josephine, to become our guinea pigs before publishing this story.
We wanted to prove Dr. Kemp’s claims that our 3 test subjects, each of whom had worn eyeglasses for 11, 18, and 33 years respectively, could achieve 20/20 vision in just 7 days,
without a prescription, Lasik®, supplement, or diet changes. So, to begin with, we tested each of our test subjects’ vision and documented each. We found that Josephine, having worn glasses the longest, indeed had the worst vision. She mentioned that her vision seemed to get worse with age, but Dr. Kemp’s findings find that age has very little to do with our need for glasses. More on that later.

Here are the results of our test:
Kelly, who had worn glasses for over a decade, said she could immediately see a difference after just a few minutes. To rule out placebo effects, we put her to the test on Day 2 using a typical eye exam chart. And, though she was not yet 20/20, she certainly improved since Day 1.

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