Published On: Tue, Jan 6th, 2015

This little known superfood is the secret to shedding holiday weight gain

In a period of little more than a month, there have been three glutenous holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve. It’s no wonder then why so many Americans have struggled in the ever present battle against weight.

Just when you’re finally getting your weight under control, boom! It’s the holidays, and food is everywhere. Roughly 75% of annual weight gain takes place during the holiday season, resulting in an average weight gain of close to five pounds.

Christmas dinner was a little too delicious.

Christmas dinner was a little too delicious.

When I stepped on the scale last week my heart skipped several beats. I gained an additional SEVEN pounds of weight. I knew I was eating a little bit too much of the good stuff, but I couldn’t believe my eyes. When I rubbed my eyes and looked at the scale again, the cold truth hit me hard.

I decided to do something about it. I needed a plan. That’s when I went online and chanced upon an article from Livestrong about spirulina’s weight loss abilities. I was not 100% sure it would work, but after reading about just how healthy spirulina is for you in general, I took the plunge after researching products for days. The best product I found was a product by a company called New Earth Essentials. I chose them because they had the exact mix needed to experience significant weight loss and not just the nutritional benefits.

Spirulina is a simple one-celled microalgae that grows in fresh-water. While the idea of eating algae may not sound all too appetizing, it certainly does wonders to your body.

Packed with supernutrients, Spirulina is made up primarily of protein and is the most balanced and digestible plant protein source. Extensively tested, spirulina is found to be a non-toxic, cholesterol-free natural food rich in protein, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, minerals, phytonutrients, Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA) and other trace elements.

Spiriluna has in fact been consumed for thousands of years. First cultivated by the ancient Aztecs, it was rediscovered in the west in the 1950s. Spirulina is so powerful that the United Nations is spearheading its use to end global hunger.

So what does microalgae have to do with weight loss?

A lot it, it turns out.

According to experts, if you regularly eat poor-quality foods, your brain will trigger your appetite in an effort to find the nutrients it needs. This can lead to cravings and significant weight gain. Spirulina floods your body with concentrations of essential nutrients lowering how hungry you feel throughout the day.

Spirulina is the highest quality source of protein found in nature. Protein makes up 70% of spirulina and its structure contain all eight amino acids resulting in four times greater digestive absorption of the protein than beef.

Not only does spiriluna have the highest grade protein found in nature, but it also has significantly fewer calories than just about any meat. A gram of beef has 65 calories, in comparison to 3.9 calories for spirulina.

In addition to protein, spirulina contains hundreds of other compounds. It is also a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids, and more importantly GLA, or gamma linolenic acid. Breast milk is one of the few sources where GLA is found in nature because it is extremely important for the brain development of growing babies. GLA also helps to control your blood sugar and insulin levels, minimizing the carbohydrates you bring on board.

Another fascinating thing about spirulina is that it stimulates your immune system. This results in a higher metabolic rate in your body, which burns calories.

I lost 10 pounds in just over a week. I didn't feel hungry.

I lost 10 pounds in just over a week. I didn’t feel hungry.

I ordered a free trial pack from New Earth Essentials. I just paid $5 for shipping and handling for the whole program and I liked how there is no rebilling or automatic billing.
I chose this company since, not only do they make sure the spirulina they use is high-quality, but they pair it with other compounds to give it added effectiveness. When it arrived, I couldn’t wait to get started.

So what happened?

I lost 10 pounds. Spiriluna is not a miracle by any means. It still took hard work and dedication to lose the weight, but I know I couldn’t have done it without it. I felt like I had more energy and mental focus than before. I also felt a lot less hungry.

I have tried a lot of weight loss pills and techniques before that failed, but I am confident spirulina helped me. I am now taking it with my daily multivitamin even though I am back at my ideal weight.

Just like with all things, I recommend that you do your research before trying it out. Nutritionists and scientists alike are in agreement that it is a nutrient packed superfood with big health benefits.

If you would like to try it yourself, you can get a sample pack at New Earth Essentials. I think they are still free, just shipping and handling and no rebilling. Great deal!

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