Published On: Thu, Jun 22nd, 2017

Why Doctors in The Know No Longer Prescribe Adderall [EXCLUSIVE]

Until recently, Americans looking for doctor-approved, drug-free treatment options were out of luck.

This is a more than 400 percent increase in ER visits due to adverse reactions to ADHD medication in a mere six years.The increase was most dramatic among 18- to 25-year-olds.

Huffington Post recently uncovered the far more serious adverse effects of ADHD drugs include: permanent brain damage, liver damage, heart attack, stroke, and sudden death. Pharmaceutical companies are facing pressure from increased insurance costs and prescriptions that cause negative side effects on patients.


Thrive mimics the positive effects of Adderall without side effects

But a growing number of leading health experts believe those days are behind us.

Michael Morelli, a thought-leader with over 3 million online followers in the U.S. nutrition space, made a recent announcement that is sending shockwaves through the medical community. Funding the research himself, the solution is finally available

The Morelli health team knew all too well that commonly prescribed ADHD drugs like Adderall, Vyvanse, and Ritalin, came with a host of unwanted side effects, and they became determined to find a natural, drug-free solution with no prescription required for any age.

Last month, the medical board released the results after testing Thrive Brain Gains on hundreds of patients ranging from 5 to 80-years old. The verified benefits include:

The 3rd Party Results (June, 2017):

  • Noticeable increase in focus & mental clarity after the first 3-days
  • Significantly decreased brain fog
  • Lower anxiety levels & improved mood
  • Improved memory recall
  • No side effects

After years of research, the science team that Morelli leads developed a unique formula that had a profound success rate in eliminating ADHD and similar symptoms for even those that didn’t report having issues with focus, clarity, or mental energy.

Thrive Brain Gains is made in the USA and the proprietary, all-natural formula is unlike anything else on the market, surpassing the results of Adderall and prescribed solutions with zero side effects.

Despite the formula’s clear effectiveness, medical journals were slow to publish the findings, perhaps due in part, some have speculated, to financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. The findings are in the process of going through a patented process next year, but the Thrive team has publicly vowed that it will always be available online without a prescription, bypassing big Pharmaceutical companies and overcharging insurance companies.

The response from the public has been incredibly positive. Thousands of Thrive Brain Gains customers have published their success stories of increased brain blood-flow, mental plasticity, memory recall, and even experience the notorious motivation “Limitless” feeling that makes Adderall and the like so addictive.

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