Published On: Thu, May 28th, 2015

It Only Takes 6 Seconds to Break-In to Your Garage – Here’s How to Prevent It

A new product, Garage Defender®, is finally allowing homeowners to protect themselves from thieves breaking into their homes via their garage door.

While there are a number of ways thieves can break into homes, one of the easiest ways is through the garage door.

The automatic garage door isn’t as secure as many think. Thieves have discovered a simple solution to breaking in through the home’s largest door.

A shocking video was recently posted on YouTube that has gone viral and now has over 1 million views. The video shows how a thief can easily break into your home via your garage in as little as 6 seconds.

Now, a company called Garage Defender, has released a patent-pending solution to protect your home. Some sites mention using a zip tie or a simple lock, but thieves have already figured out how to bypass zip ties and standard locks.

Our editorial staff was able to contact the owner and get a special pricing on the product via this link:

They warned that the product has limited availability because the viral video has skyrocketed online sales of the product.

You can view the video below.


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